Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Summer Flashback: Old Friends, New Friends

When we visited Dave's sister and her family in Wisconsin this summer, we were also able to visit with one of my dearest friends (and former college roommate). It was really fun to meet her son (who was born a week or so before Madeline), and get to know her husband a little better. We visited their apartment and saw the beautiful campus of the University of Wisconsin--Madison and the surrounding lakes.

I love the kids in this picture. Emma is posing, Maddie is hunting for a snack, and Owen is quenching his thirst.

It was so fun to see you, Jen! (Perhaps next year in Germany???)


Jen said...

Oh yes, come to Germany!! :) And if not, we'll plan something equally spectacular before too long. We loved seeing you guys this summer, too!

Oertel said...