Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Disney World: Day 1

For months we've been planning a visit to Walt Disney World in Florida, and at the end of September it finally happened. This was the fourth trip for Dave and I since we've been married (yes, we are fans), and Emma's second trip, though she was only 1 the last time we went. We were so excited to show her all that we loved about it, and we were excited that this time she would *remember* it.

We woke up *very* early on Monday morning and drove to the airport to catch a 7 am flight. Did the girls sleep on the airplane? Of course not. But, we did watch "Beauty and the Beast" and got excited about everything we were going to see.

We made it to the resort around noon, quickly checked in, used the bathroom, and slathered everyone in sunscreen, and then we were on our way. We began our visit at Epcot, mostly because that's where we had dinner reservations that evening. After a quick lunch, we went to Soarin', where we were thrilled to discover that Emma (just BARELY) cleared the 40 inch height requirement! Suddenly a whole new world of fun rides was open to us. As the Soarin' line was currently crazy busy, we grabbed fast passes and headed over the The Land. Yes, by virture of the 2 rides being in the same building, the tame, somewhat lame Land was our first ride. But the girls didn't care at all--they thought the boat was way fun! It served as a good test to see if our girls freaked out on a ride, in the dark, with sound effects, etc.: they didn't.

Never fear the initial lame ride, though, our next stop was here:

Emma loves "Finding Nemo," and both girls loved The Seas with Nemo and Friends. Emma even learned a new phrase from Crush: "You totally rock, duuuuuuuuude!" Say the first part and she will respond with a hearty DUDE!

Next we made a pit stop at Mickey's Club House (or so we told Emma--she's a huge fan of the cartoon) to visit these guys:

Ignore the dazed looks, they were really tired at this point. They really did love Mickey.

After paying homage to the Mouse, we took a spin on Spaceship Earth, where Madeline took a much-needed, if very short, nap. Then we headed back to Soarin' when our fastpasses came due. None of us had ridden it before, and it didn't disappoint. Emma was thrilled to do it twice. Dave took her first and talked her through the ride. When it was my turn to go with her, she basically told me everything he told her: "it's not scary, Mom!" Her favorite part was the end, when they showed fireworks over Disneyland.

Even with fastpasses and rider switch, Soarin' still took an hour so we were a little late for our dinner in France. It was not quite as good as I remembered it (perhaps because this time I had TWO children, both of whom had had it?), but still a yummy end to the day. Though the night was still young, the early hour and lack of naps had gotten the better of us and we trekked back to the hotel to rest up for day 2.


Jenny said...

We went a few years ago and ate in China and I was VERY disappointed. I remembered it being much better. I wonder if the restaurants have gone down hill? Or we're just older so we have more distinguished tastes??

Glad you guys had such a great (if tiring!) time. :) After our trip, I said "I'm good for a long time." Now I wanna go back! ;)

The Silly Witch said...

Ah, as you know we are Disney fans, too. But we've never done Disneyworld, only Disneyland. Sounds like Emma was so fun to be with. Maybe someday we can schedule our trip together.

Oertel said...