Friday, July 24, 2009

Fourth of July

We roadtripped from Michigan to Chicago to spend a retro 4th of July. (When I was growing up, we would spend the entire month of July at my grandparents' house in Chicago, so we always spent the 4th there, going to the town parade, fireworks, etc.) Emma and her cousins had as much fun as we used to have!

We started the day with the town parade. At the beginning of the parade, the town lets anyone who wants to march (particularly kids on decorated bikes and dogs). Emma saw the crowd and wanted to jump right in, so Grandpa accompanied her.

Returning from their brush with fame.

Emma, bag in hand, waiting to collect loot thrown from the parade floats.

Enjoying her spoils.

Cousin Jordan enjoying a different kind of treat.

Baby Maddie was not at all impressed with the parade. (Notice how she is all bundled up--I don't think it was even 70 degrees out!)

After the parade, we enjoy a little fun in Mumma and Poppa's backyard.

Chase plays ball with Poppa.

Kallee and Jordan

Aunt Brittany always texting, ever texting.

The 4th of July is also Grandpa's birthday! (Though technically he was born in Canada :). Here he celebrates with all of his grandchildren, minue Madeline, who is probably sleeping.

Emma dancing and entertaining us before the fireworks begin.

Uncle Tyler is always good for a laugh.

Aunt Brittany and Madeline, who was awake before the show but fell asleep when all the ruckus started.

Emma, who has slept through many a Texas thunderstorm, turns out not to be a fan of fireworks.

Thank you Mumma and Poppa for hosting us, and to Grandma and Grandpa for driving us around!

A Visit to Michigan

A couple of weeks ago we (the girls and I--poor Dave had to work) were lucky enough to go visit Grandma and Papa in Michigan. My little brother is leaving on his mission next week, so we were able to gather the entire family (all siblings plus 4 grandkids) to accompany him through the LDS temple and just spend time together. Highlights of the trip also include a 4th of July roadtrip to Chicago to see my grandparents. We had a *wonderful* time--Emma especially enjoyed time playing with her cousins. Warning: LOTS of pictures below!

Maddie passed out on Grandma's couch.

Chase (18 months) is such a busy kid that we had to document it when he actually took a nap!

Would you like to drive in a van for 5 hours with this crew? Add to this a baby, a dog, a grandpa driving, and a 19-year-old in the front seat who took the wobbly picture. And the second car with 5 more people!

Emma keeps asking if we can go back to Mumma's house and get donuts. Mumma (my grandma) has the best donuts in the world, and spoils us rotten with them!

My nephew Jordan taking a turn down the slide.

Emma and her cousin Chase would follow Uncle Tyler around all day long. They will sure miss him when he heads to Brazil!

Emma has heard Taylor Swift's "Love Story" so often on the radio in the car that she can sing along to it. Here, Aunt Brittany is introducing her to the video.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How do YOU beat the heat?

Maddie likes to take a nap in her swing, complete with her white-trash government issue not-quite-buttoned up onesie. Don't you wish you could get away with it?