Monday, August 5, 2013

From March: Galveston

During Spring break in the middle of March, we went down to Houston to NASA. NASA is located just a half hour away from Galveston, and my aunt and uncle took us on a tour. We stopped at the beach for a half hour, then went on a ferry boat and fed the seagulls. The kids loved it, of course.

From March: Easter 2013

Easter 2013 was a rainy, stormy morning. We heard a huge clap of thunder right before leaving for Church that took out our cable and internet for a few days and completely killed our Wii. But other than that it was a nice day as a family.

From March: Spring Haircuts!

Andrew's cute, wispy baby hair was getting long enough to look mullet-y. It was time to cut that baby down off and give him a proper haircut. We went to the children's haircut place, handed him a lollipop, and he took it like a champ. He went in looking like a baby, and came out looking like a big boy.
Before, from the front


Oh, and Maddie got her hair cut too. 

From March: Easter Egg Hunt

We love going to the town Easter egg hunt every year. This year it was a little rainy, so there weren't as many people there. We still had a blast (and got a LOT of candy)!