Monday, March 9, 2009

Waiting for Birdy by Catherine Newman

My dear friend Emily--mom of 2 and my favorite of the Bossy sisters, mostly because she's the only one I know--recommended this book as the perfect read when you're expecting your second. And I loved it! The subtitle is "a year of frantic tedium, neurotic angst, and the wild magic of a growing family," which suits it perfectly. It'll make you laugh, cry, and sigh in relief because Newman knows exactly how you're feeling. She chronicles her adventures raising a toddler and expecting her second, and all of the crazy things that happen in between. I admit I've been a bit nonchalant during this pregnancy--I've been through it all before, haven't I?--but now that it's coming down to the wire I'm feeling a bit frantic. Six weeks and there's so much to do! This book is a good way to curl up, relax, and enjoy the journey. I highly recommend it for those of you who are expecting your second soon. And for those of you who've already popped, it's also about the early days of a newborn and toddler--if you have time to read, that is. :)


The Silly Witch said...

6 weeks?

Is that all? I'm so excited for you! I look back with great fondness my time with two sweet girls to read and play with and clean up after.

Emily said...

Oh! I'm so glad you read it and liked it! I loved it, and then I found her column online and subscribe to it in my google reader--but the book is so so so good--reads better than anything published on the net.

;-) I'm so excited for you. Baby number 2 is incredible, you will love it. xoxo

DC Diva said...

I forget that you know Emily Plicka! So fun... how again? English majors, study abroad friends... remind me? Love Emily (and the whole Plicka clan!) and love Bossy! :) Great that you and I can share that bond.