Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Blustery Day

It was so windy yesterday that my chaise lounge chair (made of teak wood, and weighing at least 25-30 lbs), blew off of its perch on the patio and about 10 feet into the yard. Blow ye winds westerly, blow!


Lulu said...

dang, that's insane! for a second before reading your post, i wondered why you were taking a pic of your lawn chair...hahaha!

Jenny said...


Naomi said...

I hate wind! Hilarious that it travelled so far.

sam c. said...

the wind in Dallas in unbelievable.
i was in Dallas last weekend & sat on the runway in LGA waiting for it to die down a bit just so we could land there.
then when we did land, i swear we landed on only the left wheel.
it was the worst landing (& ride) i have ever experienced.
then when i got off the plane I was nearly knocked over!!!