Thursday, October 14, 2010

Disney World: Day 3

We started off bright and early again. Here we are waiting at the bus stop: Madeline must know what's in store for her as she was eager to climb into her stroller seat.

We started the day at Animal Kingdom. First off was the Festival of the Lion King, which none of us had ever seen before. Both girls loved it! I didn't get any pictures though. While in Camp Minnie Mickey, we found a few friends:

We went on safari and on a few rides, but it was really hot and not a whole lot of animals were out. So we decided to cut our losses and head to Epcot. But first we ran into a fun dance party:

I used to think these dance parties/parades/etc were kind of silly, but Emma really enjoyed them and they ended up being one of our favorite parts about vacation!

We left Animal Kingdom, bid farewell to our friends Sarah and Adam, and went to Epcot for dinner and some more rides. Another busy, fun day that exhausted some members of our party:


Emily said...

Love the picture of everyone asleep on the train. Looks like and exhausting, fun trip. I loved the picts of Emma with the princesses..she must have been on cloud nine.

Jenny said...

Ha ha - I love that last picture too! And the one where Emma is pointing at Pocahontas with a big grin like, "Look! Here she is!"