Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 2: Princess Edition

As mentioned in my previous post, on our second morning at Disney we had reservations at Cinderella's Royal Table to eat breakfast with the princesses. As you can imagine, Emma was thrilled. She was dressed the part in a beautiful Sleeping Beauty dress (many thanks to Grandmacita for saving us the exorbitant prices they charge for princess dresses in the Disney parks). We were greeted by Cinderella herself:

Isn't that picture great? Emma looks the part of a princess but poor Madeline is a little out of it. Soon after we were escorted up to the actual restaurant where we were seated by a window overlooking Fantasyland. Breakfast was just okay, but who cared about the food? Emma was on the hunt for autographs and hugs. First up was Jasmine:

Maddie figured out the princess frenzy pretty quickly and was begging to get out of her high chair as each princess would come by. Next up was Aurora of Sleeping Beauty fame:

My personal favorite, Ariel:

Last was Belle:

After Belle came by they had a semi-cheesy little "wish on a star" ceremony. Emma didn't really know what that was all about, but she did get a pretty wand, so she was happy. We were really glad that we were able to score a reservation, and while the food was nothing special, both girls really enjoyed the experience, and we loved watching them beam as they talked to the princesses.


Jenny said...

So cute! I love her princess dress - and their matching sneakers! ;) I never even knew there was a restaurant in Cinderella's castle until a few years ago. I want to go! ;)

Suman Family said...

i'll say it again....our girls would be bffs! looks like an awesome vacation!