Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Disney: A Magical Day 2

We were up nice and early on Tuesday (surprisingly, my kids woke up EARLIER even though we were in an earlier time zone), ate a quick snack, and headed to the Magic Kingdom. We made it just in time for the ceremony that opens the park:

I didn't have the best vantage point, but Mickey and a lot of other characters ride out on the train to open the gates. It was very festive and got us excited for what lay ahead!

We beelined straight for Fantasy Land. We had a date at Cinderella's castle for a late breakfast, but first we rode:

We finished Fantasy Land in under an hour and headed to the castle to cavort with the princesses--that deserves its own post (perhaps tomorrow?).

After our breakfast, we met up with my friend Sarah, who was kind enough to meet up with us at Disney. Our destination was Adventureland. Emma really enjoyed the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. She watched half of the movie with Dave a few weeks ago (she got scared when the pirates attacked.)

Both girls (though only one is pictured) had fun running around with Sarah's little boy, Adam.

We were in the right place at the right time to recieve pirate training from Captain Jack Sparrow himself. Emma is 4th from the left, in a white t-shirt and pink and green striped shorts.

Dave taught Emma how to shoot:

We ran into Buzz Lightyear in Tomorrowland:

We also hit up a parade and saw a few of our favorite characters:

And we end day 2 with a picture of Madeline. Though she is not in nearly as many pictures, she was an active participant in almost all of our activities (minus a couple of roller coasters). Though she would get tired without naps, she was awake and well-behaved most of the time, probably because there was so much to look at. But, a few times, she was just so tired that we found her like this:


Josh and Kallie said...

This looks soooo fun! I can't wait to see more of your adventures!

Sarah H said...

We love you guys! So glad we could share our first trip to Disney with you.

Jenny said...

Ha ha ha. I love that last picture!