Monday, October 18, 2010

Disney: Day 5

Friday was our last day at Disney. We quickly packed our things in the morning, dropped our luggage off at the front desk, and went to spend our last day in our favorite park: the Magic Kingdom, of course. Though we had to check out of the hotel, we still managed to make it in time for the opening ceremony:

See that lucky family next to Mickey Mouse? Yeah, they get to ride on the train to open the park with all of the characters. I'd really like to know how you get picked for that, because I would so love to do that next time.

Where else to begin but Fantasyland? We had to ride Cinderella's carousel one more time.

Don't you love the way Maddie is scrunching up her nose in that one? She's really having a good time. Dave's boss requested a picture on the teacups:

We rode the teacups, but just for the record we didn't do all of the extra spinning. Yes, we are wimps! Here's a random picture of Madeline. She may weigh less than 20 pounds, but look at those cheeks!

Emma driving her first car. She is being good and paying attention to the road:

We ran into another dance party, and had to get our groove on!

That is a lot of dance pictures, but she had the greatest time. We were there for at least 20 minutes before we tore her away with the promist of more rides. Here's some proof that I was there:

On the Walt Disney World Railroad the circles the park (Emma was hoping to see Mickey, since this was the train he rode in the morning):

After doing all of our favorite rides, we were wandering Main Street in search of something to eat when we ran into these guys:

About 30 seconds after we saw Tigger and Pooh it started to pour, so we decided to have a nice, leisurely, sit down lunch to use up our last meal credit. Around 4 it was time to head back to the hotel so we could catch the bus to the airport for our evening flight.

Now, a quick word about Madeline: for the most part, she did not nap the entire trip, except for Thursday when we went back to the hotel. Rarely she would pass out in a dark ride, but it was 10 minutes or less. Her default position the whole week was sucking on her fingers (which is what she does when she's tired) with her eyes open. Randomly her head would bob and her eyes would close, but she would pop back up within a minute and look around quickly, as if she were afraid she would miss something. But finally, on the bus back to the hotel, she conked out for an hour, and stayed out even as I transfered her off the bus and into the stroller. Like she knew we were going home and it was finally time to sleep:

A fitting end to a wonderful, and wonderfully exhausting, trip.


Amberly said...

what a fun trip! and so magical for your little girls. I loved the recap and the photos... and you look great!!

The Silly Witch said...

Your kids look so clean and happy in all of your pictures. My kids get tired and grimy at theme parks. Your pictures look beautiful and I'm sure you'll always be glad you have these vacation memories.

Naomi said...

How fun for your girls! Looks like lots to do, I can see why Madeline was exhausted! :)

Josh and Kallie said...

I have enjoyed every one of these posts! Thanks for sharing!

The Roberts' Report said...

What a great synopsis!! I loved all of the pictures. Especially this last recap of how Madi handled it! What a trooper!

Jenny said...

So cute!! They are adorable Jess. So glad you guys had fun. :)

Jen said...

I love the picture of Maddie! :) Looks like such a great trip.