Monday, March 3, 2008

Spring Preview

Today it was a whopping 55 degrees! And while those of you who live in Arizona may think that is frigid, to us Northerners it is downright balmy. We took advantage of the "warm" weather and went to the park with some friends. Now that Emma is a good walker and a decent climber, she does well, though she still has a lot to learn. It took me a good two hours to help her understand that after you go down the slide, you have to run around to the steps to go down again. She preferred to climb up. It was so nice to be out in the sun and get a little vitamin D, weak though it may be.

Playing peek-a-boo at the top of the slide.

She liked to go down the slide backwards.

Check out the static hair!

It's easier to walk back up the slide, don't you think? Or rather, it's easier to TRY to walk up the side, then CRY when you can't, and wait for Mom to lift you to the top.

Sometimes she just liked to wander by herself.


Jenny said...

I love that static hair!

mistieleigh said...

What a great day Monday was!! Oh how i miss the warmth!! Emma is getting so big...she is adorable!!