Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Egg-citement

Today we went to an Easter egg hunt thrown by some friends in a local park. The weather was semi-lovely (sunny but chilly) and there was quite a crowd--maybe 40 kids. I have to give them props for organization, though--the park was divided into sections for different ages so the littlest kids (ie Emma) weren't trampled by the bigger kids who actually knew what was going on. She understood what was going on long enough to pick up maybe 4 things of candy (with much prompting). But mostly she just wanted to run away in the open space, with one of her parents chasing after her.

There she goes!

Emma: "Look, I got one!"
Me: "Put it in the basket, Emma!" (We had a bit of a communication gap.)

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Stephenson Family said...

A great egg hunt! My kids are looking forward to tomorrow - indoors, of course! Still too cold for me outside! Happy Easter!