Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sea Time for Babies

Along with our zoo membership, we get a magazine about the goings-on at the five NYC zoos and the aquarium. Today we went to a little workshop called "Sea Time for Babies" at the aquarium at Coney Island. The classroom was set up with different stations geared towards babies and toddlers. There was a touch tank with crabs and starfish, a splash table, a sand table, a tunnel, blocks, coloring, and sea-themed puzzles and books. Emma had a blast flitting around the room from activity to activity. Though she would not dare touch the hermit crab, she loved the splash table. She also loved stacking the blocks (they were bigger than ours at home, which made it easier for her) and emptying the bowl of crayons while she was purportedly coloring a picture. The weather was lovely for March (high 50s and sunny) and after Emma's program we took in a sea lion show and other exhibits. Dave loved the shark tank, while I was particularly enamored with the baby walrus.

Checking out the puzzles.

In the tunnel...

...and back out!

Playing at the splash table.

This isn't the greatest picture, but the big walrus is the mom, and under her face, horizontally, is the baby walrus. Trust me, he was cute. I would've taken him home if he wasn't already 300+ lbs.


sam c. said...

we have tried so many times the past few months to get to the aquarium before our zoo membership expires, but haven't had any luck...we have to make this happen. my kids love anything aquarium related! where in the city are you guys living?

Amberly said...

sounds like a great family field trip! you guys are so smart to take advantage of all the fun things to do around you.

erin said...

What a fun thing to do! I'm not sure about taking a walrus home though!!! :)
Emma sure seems like a fun little girl! Love the pigtails!

Zim Family said...

What a fun day! Such a good adventurous mommy you are. We all seriously need to hit the zoo together. Then again, that would require me being a good adventurous mommy. I'll get back to you on that one.

Tyler, Amy and Kate Waterfall said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm glad you guys could go. Emma is really starting to look like a little girl!