Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a good day, despite some teething issues. We woke up and checked out the Easter baskets, played with the toys, went to Church, and had a good dinner. Emma looked positively angelic in her new Spring dress, though I didn't get a particularly formal picture of her in it before Church, and after Church it was a bit messy (so much for white). I hope you all had an equally good day with your families.

Emma's basket

Emma with her basket.

I love this dress on her!

She's teething--check out the chapped cheeks and runny nose.


Stephenson Family said...

I love Emma's dress! Nothing like having some bleach around and it's as good as new! Looks like a fun Easter!

The Silly Witch said...

I love her pigtails. And her dress is so adorable. I wish they made dresses that looked that cute for adults! Quinn got cheeks like that in New Jersey, too. There's a great gerber product called Teeny Faces (it's a stick) that really helped a lot.

Are you still in Dallas?

mistieleigh said...

So precious!

Rhonda said...

So, is Dallas the place?

Will you be around for Memorial Day weekend? Rachel's engagement party is that Saturday night. You can meet Dustin.

Come spend the weekend with us.

Zim Family said...

Love, love the dress! What a stylish cutie! So, how is/did Dallas treat you?? Are you in love? Of course you are. What am I saying?

sam c. said...

are you moving to dallas?
my whole family is in dallas.
isn't she sweet!!!
a little angel is right.
We have the red cheeks & runny noses too!!!

Nancy said...

who's moving to dallas?

Naomi said...

Her dress is adorable and she was so cute on Sunday out in the hall. She knew exactly where her mommy was teaching her class and giving her dad a run for his money. Very cute!