Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Prep

Dave was off on Friday (hooray!) so we took advantage of a free afternoon to dye our Easter eggs. This is the first year that we've bothered to do it, so we went pretty basic: Paas coloring kit with Emma using the wax crayon to scribble on the eggs.

Madeline was there too, but she preferred her snack:

The final results:


Becca said...

Cute eggs - such BRIGHT colors! Love them!

Jenny said...

Nicely done! I dyed eggs for the first time at a friend's on Saturday. I tried doing 1/2 and 1/2 colors, but her daughter kept pushing them in completely!

Maile said...

Those are so beautiful! Good thinking to do it on a day when you had Dave's help. :) We dyed eggs at a friend's house this year and I never did muster the courage to do it at home. (Kaia dyed the top of our cheap IKEA table a couple of years ago and it was never the same again...which led to us buying a "real" dining room table.)

Sarah H said...

A job well done. Emma doesn't look too happy in the first photo, was she concentrating?