Saturday, April 17, 2010

Madeline: 11 months

Our sweet baby Madeline is almost a toddler! I don't know how long she is, but we went in for a sick visit and she weighed 16 pounds. Size 6-12 months pants and shorts still fall off of her skinny waist. I am glad I didn't buy much extra 12-18 month stuff for her. Her impending toddlerhood evidences itself in many ways:
~She is proficient at climbing up the stairs and loves to escape up when she has a chance. She is still pretty bad about coming down, though, so the stairs will remain blocked for at least another month or two.
~Her favorite trick is escaping up the second staircase (from the second floor to the third floor playroom, where there isn't a gate because we're not up there that often) whenever I'm busy cleaning her room or drawing a bath or something.
~She is starting to play with more toddler-esque toys, like the play kitchen.
~She refuses most pureed baby food, but is a picky eater when it comes to regular food. Her favorites are toddler food groups: cereal, yogurt, a little fruit, any kind of bread, etc. Exceptions to this rule are any foods she can scam from my plate.
~She is very affectionate and gives lots of love pats, which could look more like love slaps to the uninitiated.
~She signs "more", claps whenever anyone says "yay", and I swear I heard her say "up" the other day. We have yet to repeat that one, however.
~She has excellent balance when standing by herself and I'm pretty sure she can walk, she just won't. Every once in a while she'll take a half step, then realize she is walking and slowly lowers herself to the ground to crawl instead.
~She loves going outdoors, though she frequently tries to eat grass and wood chips. I'm hoping that walking will eliminate some of this.
~Her hair is getting long enough that it looks like wispy old man hair, and she's getting a bit of a mullet in the back. It's still super cute though!
Some outtakes from our photo shoot:


Chiska said...

Time sure flies! I love that last photo. Such fun times.

Jen said...

Our babies are getting so big! Owen will be one on Tuesday--crazy. He's just like Maddie--I know he can walk if he wants, but he doesn't want. He stands all the time and steps a little, too, when he's distracted enough by something to not realize what he's doing. Silly kid. :)

erin said...

Only 16 pounds? What an adorable, petite little thing! Miranda is almost 18 lbs now, which seems big to me because Brianna was more like Madeline's size. But she's not far off....I like the girls little!!!

The Silly Witch said...

It looks like she's a long lean super model machine. Love that girl.

Jenny said...

That last one is great.

She's getting to be such a big girl!! Come visit Boston so I can meet them both!!