Sunday, June 7, 2009

RIP Nelson 1995-2009

Imagine a clear, sunny Friday morning. You are driving to work on the interstate, cruising along at a good clip in the lefthand lane. Suddenly, some jerk in the middle lane tries to get past you and into the HOV lane on your left. In the process he smacks the front corner of your car, sending you into a spin as you frantically steer to try to avoid smashing into the wall. While you are spinning out of control, two more cars hit you. You eventually come to a stop; the jerk has driven away, but you and the other two cars are blocking the entire interstate. How would you fare?

We are extremely grateful to report that Dave walked away, to the disbelief of the police and paramedics who arrived on site.

Sadly, Nelson, our car, did not fare as well.

Front passenger side, where the jerk who caused the accident hit.

Front driver's side, hit by a large SUV. However, Nelson lived up to his namesake and went down fighting, taking out the SUV's driver's side. (Luckily, that driver was okay too.)

Minimal damage to the back, though the car that hit the back sustained some considerable damage.

Admittedly, Nelson was a bit of a jalopy, but we loved him just the same. The real kick in the pants is that we just put $2K into him to keep him going for another year or two, and he was running better than he has in years. We will miss his quirks: his anti-theft device (a tape player); the passenger side window that would never quite close after you accidentally opened it; the broken key stuck in the trunk lock that would thereafter open with anything but the actual key; the radio antenna that wouldn't go all the way down, which led us to paying double at the automated carwash; and the fact that Dave's little brother always threw up whenever he rode in it...ALWAYS. Dave, who drove Nelson in high school, is especially sad to see him go, as it was his last link to the good ol' days.

So, can anyone recommend a good car that seats at least six? Preferably an SUV? I don't want to do a minivan yet...


The Silly Witch said...

That story totally freaks me out because my husband drives a motorcycle to work. Did they catch the guy?

Anyway, just go for the minivan. You won't regret it. Especially if it's an Odyssey. Good luck!

Emily said...

Wow, so glad Dave is okay. Car accidents are so scary. Glad the little ones weren't in the car. I know how it is when the good ole' car has to go. Get a minivan...seriously...better gas mileage...holds a bunch of can walk around in it to buckle them all in. We were hesitant also, but have loved ours. Get the Sienna!!! We had wanted an Odyssey but after much research and testimonials went with Sienna and it's great. Ours is even older and has had no problems whatsoever.

Becca said...

Wow! So glad Dave walked away with nothing wrong. Enjoy car shopping!

Shelly said...

Wow, so glad he is okay-I hope they catch the guy.

Another vote for the minivan. I wasn't dying to get one either, but they are GREAT to have. I can tell you many wonderful things, but here's the kicker: minvans are made for families, tons of room in the trunk, leg room in the back seat (SUVs lack this) and power doors. It won't be long and you will be hauling extra kids around, you'll want all those extra seats.

Good luck car hunting!

Sara said...

Oh, wow!!!! So sorry about your loss!!! But glad the hubby is ok!!! I also wanna know if they caught the guy that drove off!?!?!

I second, or is it third or fourth, the minivan idea. Get one with stow n go seats!!!! Brilliant idea ... whoever thought of it! :)

John, Lisa, and Mia said...

So glad Dave's OK!!! Scary! But poor Nelson!! Its sad to see him go! We know how that is saying goodbye to the car of your youth... its a sad day (I still tear up whenever I see a white 1984 Volvo...haha). But exciting that you get a newer to you car that can seat carseats more easily :) Good luck in the car search!

Kallee said...

How frightening! Seeing those photos of poor Nelson, I'm relieved that Dave is unharmed.

I have no authority and no strong opinion on this topic, but just to play devil's advocate, my best friend recently opted for a Honda Pilot over a minivan and she has no regrets. Good luck with the search.

Jenny said...

Jess! I'm sorry to hear it, but SO glad Dave is ok.

My mom was actually in a car accident yesterday (she's ok) and Josh & I were ALMOST in one about a half hour after hers!!

Freaky weekend for accidents.

K said...

Wow! So scary! I'm relieved that Dave is ok!

Good luck in your car hunt!

Maile said...

Oh, wow. I am so relieved to hear that Dave is okay. What a scary incident. Isn't it funny how attached we can get to our vehicles?

Sarah H said...

We're so glad that Dave is okay. What a blessing. I don't have car suggestions, but let us know what you narrow the list down to. We'd be interested to see your top choices.

Tyler, Amy and Kate Waterfall said...

Mom told me the news and I was so grateful that Dave walked away just fine. What a scary day that must have been.
Love you,
Ama Lou-who