Saturday, June 20, 2009

First Bath

On Thursday, May 21st, Madeline took her first bath, and also her first bath with Emma. (I remember the exact date because it was the morning that Grandmacita came to visit--you have to be clean when your grandma comes!) Madeline loved the water. She was totally entranced, in quiet contemplation. She didn't mind at all when Emma splashed her. The only problem is that whatever part of her is out of the water gets really cold, really fast--usually her arms. Within 3 minutes of being in the tub they turn blue, so we take fast baths!


Ginger said...

My kids turn blue fast, too--but they never care, especially when swimming. I swear they're going to blissfully die of hypothermia one of these days.

mistieleigh said...

i am sure it is fun to show off the new babe with family. glad you had visitors. And that is great she Madeline like the water this early...Seneka screamed bloody murder for months!

Jenny said...

(what? No nudity apology?) ;)