Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Madeline--2 months

Madeline turned 2 months old this weekend, and we visited the doctor yesterday. Here are her 2 month stats:

Head 14.5 inches 2nd percentile
Height 22.75 inches 65th percentile
Weight 9 lbs 9th percentile

*Maddie learned how to smile a couple of weeks ago, and is keen to smiling broadly. We have yet to catch this on camera, though.
*Maddie's head continues to be freakishly strong. She likes to look around and will only rest her head on my shoulder if she is really tired.
*Maddie recognizes her big sister and stares at her in wonder whenever Emma is around.
*Madeline is starting to play with her toys. She kicks at and tries to hit the stuffed animals and rattles above her play gym.
*Maddie is enthralled with her swing. She will swing and stare at the mobile for hours.
*She continues to be an excellent sleeper. She wakes up once a night, though about half the time she will sleep through it!
*Maddie likes to be held facing out so she can see everything that is going on.
*We sing a special song to Madeline, and she perks up whenever she hears it. "Gonna give her hugs all day, Miss Maddie Lou. Gonna give her kisses too, Miss Maddie Lou. Oh Miss Maddie, Miss Maddie Lou. Oh, Miss Maddie, Miss Maddie Lou." It is sung to the tune of "Eliza Jane," and older song Emma learned this past spring in her music class.
*Maddie actually likes tummy time and won't cry until it has been several minutes. (Her head is strong, but she's still a newbie, after all).


The Silly Witch said...

I love the update. She looks like she's just into taking it all in. She also looks very healthy.

Laura said...

You sure make em pretty. And because I just realized that I forgot: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

I hope your 29th was the best ever.

Much love.

Emily said...

What a cutie!! What do you guys think, does she look more like Dave?? Those 2 months went fast.

Katie Nielsen said...

So cute! You guys have plans to visit Utah anytime soon??

erin said...

She looks like such a good and sweet baby!!!
Miranda was 9 lbs even just about 2 weeks ago so I was really surprised to see her weigh 10 lbs 6 oz at our 2 month appointment! Bri was 10 lbs 10 oz and just 1/4 of an inch smaller. I can't believe how similar their size has been so far. Bri stopped growing at 6 months and fell off the charts...so I'm hoping that doesn't happen this time around!