Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Memorial Day Visit

In May we were lucky enough to be visited by Dave's family. At first it was only supposed to be Grandmacita (Dave's mom), but Grandpoppy was invited by an organization to speak in the Dallas area, and of course they couldn't leave Uncle Matt behind! Though it was a quick visit, much fun was had by all. Here are some pictures:

Emma, Madeline, and Grandmacita

Matt and Emma at a playground at the Dallas Arboretum

Emma playing in the fountains at the Arboretum. (Excuse the nudity--I knew she's have a conniption if her shirt got wet.)

Emma and Matt peeking out the window of a model frontier home in Texas Town, at the Arboretum

Emma and Madeline with Grandpoppy


Chiska said...

Emma is getting so big! So is Miss Madeline. They grow so quick! Thanks for sharing your fun. :)

Jenny said...

Cute pics!! And I love the "nudity" explanation. ;)

JLPierce Ohana said...

I love the word "conniption"! And your girls are adorable as are their names! Reminds me of some twins in our ward with those exact names (but they are 11).