Sunday, February 24, 2008

Trip to Michigan

Two weeks ago, Emma and I were in Michigan for a week. It was freezing and snowed pretty much every day, but we loved it because we got to see my family. My youngest brother and sister had a break from school, so we hung out for a week, going shopping, out to lunch, and playing Guitar Hero III. Low key, but fun!

Emma loved the cool toys that Grandma had stashed in the basement, especially this shopping cart!

With our Valentine roses from Dave, who was stuck at work.

Grandma Feuz rockin' out.

Emma tries to rock out.

Emma liked to watch her Baby Einstein DVDs when she had too much Guitar Hero.

Emma bonding with Grandpa over Baby Einstein.

Emma with her Valentine's present from Mumma and Poppa (great-grandparents).

Playing her favorite, Peek-a-boo.

With Uncle Tyler.

Emma with Shadow, the dog. Emma harrassed poor Shadow for a while, but as soon as Shadow learned that Emma had a tendency to carry around food and drop it, they were fast friends.


Stephenson Family said...

What a fun trip! It's so nice just to relax with extended family once in awhile!

Katie Nielsen said...

So CUTE! Tell your family I say hi! And next time you're in Utah...let me know!!

Rhonda said...

Um, so... like when do WE get a visit? Living in Connecticut is so close to you guys... and you have to come here, because we have room and lots of entertainment for Emma.