Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Utah: Tuesday, 8/23

On Tuesday we went down to Provo again. I think Brittany had a job interview, and the kids had cut our time on campus short the previous day. So we'll call this one Dave and Jess take the kids down a trip on Memory Lane. Dave wanted to make sure the kids were indoctrinated to want to attend BYU when the time comes.

The girls in front of the Brigham Young statue in front of the ASB

Checking out a classroom in the SWKT

Maybe they'll be professors someday?

Joseph Smith statue in the ASB

Running towards the Maeser Building

In the Maeser Building. Perhaps they will be Writing Fellows someday??

The obligatory picture with the Y in the background
After spending the morning on campus, the girls were BYU-ed out, and cousin Chase was done with preschool, so we met up with him and the other cousins at Thanksgiving Point for a trip to the dinosaur museum.

Jordan and Emma next to a bone

Jordan, Emma, and Maddie check out a fossil

Tyler, Chris, and Dave help Chase, Jordan, Maddie, and Emma in the water pool

Emma, Jordan, and Kallee check out a dinosaur

Maddie, Jordan, and Kallee

Emma, Jordan, and Chase check out a computer exhibit

Uncle Tyler is always good for a dance

Maddie, Emma, Chase, and Jordan. And some creepy lady behind.

Jacksen, Maddie, Emma, Jordan, and Chase in the path of a prehistoric shark

Maddie and Emma dig for fossils


Laura said...

It's funny to see you blogging pictures of the stuff we go to all the time. Well, we don't go to Provo so often, but we go to the Dinosaur Museum a lot.

It's almost like you live here. Which you should.

Jenn said...

I love the one with the shark. The girls' expressions are great. And that baby!