Saturday, October 15, 2011

Andrew: 3 months

Andrew turned 3 months old a week ago. We are starting to see his personality shine though. The best part about him right now is when he smiles and laughs at us! (Emma gets very concerned whenever he isn't smiling--she thinks he is sad. I don't know how to explain his mellow personality to her.)
12.5 lbs. (Wii)
Size 1 diapers
0-3 months clothes, with a few 3-6 month sweatshirts

Nicknames:   Gee-gee Bubba, Gee-gee Bubs, Bubs, Geegs, Buddy, My Boy

What He Does All Day:
Sleeps semi-regularly
Coos, smiles, and giggles
Sucks on his pacifier
Sucks on his fingers, when he can find them

--Kindermusik class (as an observer, not a participant)
--Visit from Grandpoppy
--General Conference
--Visit to the Texas State Fair

Some more shots of our boy:


Allie said...

AWwwwwe! He is so stinkin cute! And growing so fast!

Randi said...

So cute!! I love his smile.

The Silly Witch said...

I like him.

Oertel said...

Okay. He is DARLING. And I don't know that I'm okay with you and Laura having kids in school (though they are adorable). Weren't we just roommates last year? No? Darn...

lisa said...


Chiska said...

What a great smile!