Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Big Backyard

I know I shouldn't brag, but our back yard is pretty big by suburban Texas standards. And we've been hard at work improving it over the last few weekends. Let me show you the different areas:

The Orchard: We have a peach, plum, pear, and pecan tree. We also have two apple trees that are not pictured because they are on the side of the house. The trees look pretty bare at this distance, but they are starting to bud and I even spotted a couple of flowers on the peach tree.

Yesterday I showed you the garden:

This past weekend we added our newest addition, a swing set:

Of course, it's quite a big hit already.

And last but not least, the pool and spa:

What?? You don't see it???? Well, give us another 5 years. Or 20. Probably closer to 20. :)


whitney b. said...

Your backyard is awesome! And we will be here in 20 years waiting for our invite to your pool party :)

Emily said...

I love your big backyard and that you have planted so many trees...I love trees and I bet the fruit will be delicious. The girls seem to love the swing set too. So much fun!!

Brooke and Ryan Steed said...

Love your pool/spa area! We have one too, but like yours, it won't be filled in for awhile!

Sarah S said...

I love your back yard!!! We're debating whether to buy that playset from Costco - are you happy with it? I think everything looks great! (I'm jealous of your wonderful garden and fruit trees :)

Laura said...

Oh you irritating Texas folk flaunting your February springlike weather.

I like the snow. So there.

Chiska said...

How wonderful! My little guy keeps asking me if I like winter 'cause he doesn't. He likes Spring. When I ask why he says because in the Spring you plant stuff!