Monday, March 28, 2011


Guess who can now reach the cereal shelf in the pantry??
*At the office Christmas party, Dave's boss told me that whenever he hears Dave say "awesome," it's the equivalent of someone else in the office saying a four-letter word. So imagine this post with a good dose of sarcasm.


mistieleigh said...


Sarah H said...

Wow, look at her hair--so long. She's looking so much older.

The Silly Witch said...

Awesome indeed. Dave does use it that way, and with a laugh or a sneer depending on the context. It makes me miss you guys!

BTW I love the piggies and the full-mouth smile. She's too cute. Hopefully she's a good helper, too.
And a word of unsolicited advice because I love you--I'd get a pantry lock if I were you, before the baby comes. I cleaned up about a thousand messes like that, all made while nursing a newborn.

Kallie said...