Friday, March 25, 2011

Friends of Scouting Fundraiser

Among the things Dave has in common with his boss is a love of fishing and the fact that they are both Eagle Scouts. Because of this distinction, Dave has been invited to the big Friends of Scouting fundraiser held in Dallas every year. Dave feels lucky to be invited (the price of a table is significantly out of our price range, though we do make a contribution). The guest list if often distinguished. This year he was able to see George W. Bush (see the screen in the right-hand part of the picture):

President Bush introduced the keynote speaker, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates (again, see the screen on the right of the picture):

Gates shared a nice story about how, though he was often in the public eye and surrounded by security, he could go camping with his son to fulfill scouting requirements and thus be a little more "normal." A nice event to fundraise and commemorate a program we believe in.

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