Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer Fun: Dallas World Aquarium

Way back in June, Dave's brother, Matt, visited us, and we decided to cross off another activity on our Summer Fun List and head to the Dallas World Aquarium. It is one of my favorite activities in Dallas. It's not like a traditional aquarium--it is set up like a rain forest. You start on the top canopy level:

Then you go around and down, looking at animals on all of the different levels, until you get to the underwater tanks.

Checking out the turles.

Emma, Matt, and a jaguar.

Madeline and the flamingos. For the first time, I freed Madeline from the stroller and let her walk by herself in a public place. She loved it!


Josh and Kallie said...

So cute! I have been begging Josh to go there for months! It looks like you guys had a blast!

Emily said...

This looks like an especially awesome aquarium! We are big supporters of the zoo in Columbus, they have great educational exhibits and do a lot of preservation and education. So fun to see your photos!