Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Fun List

School is out (not that that affects us), and we are looking for some summer fun. We are down to only one regularly scheduled activity a week (two if you count necessary grocery shopping) and want to take advantage of the freedom before Emma starts preschool in the fall. Plus, I wanted to make sure we got out and *did* things, rather than let time pass us by. So I came up with the summer fun list! We plan to go on one "outing" a week, with things like swimming and play days to fill in the rest of the week.

Dallas Zoo
Museum of Nature and Science
Dallas Aquarium
Age of Steam and Railroad Museum
Bounce House
Dallas Firefighters Museum
Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary
Heritage Farmstead
Old City Park
Owens Spring Creek Farm
West End Marketplace
Bowling through Kids Bowl Free
Wiggly Play Place

If you're local, let us know if you want to come? What are *you* going to do this summer?


Amberly said...

I have a very similar list in the phoenix area! I love that we live in a place that offers such a fun variety of field trip destinations!

Jennifer said...

I would love to go!
Aside from the kids bowl free, is anything free?
Let me know when you're going to do any of it, and I'll see if we can go, too.

Jenny said...

I'm not local, but want to come! ;)

I think this is a great idea. I always think "when I have kids, I need to take advantage of all the fun stuff out there!" You're doing it - such a great role model (for me!).

Emily said...

What a fun list! I wish we had that many fun things around here. We are doing the bowl free thing too and the kids love it!