Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Fun: Owens Spring Creek Farm

Our second summer fun outing was to Owens Spring Creek Farm in Richardson on Friday, June 11th. We took our friends the Roberts with us. First we fed the goats--Sydney was the only one of the kids brave enough to face the hungry crowd:

Emma and Emma found a pony just their size:

We found some big horses too:

Emma and Ben loved heckling the roosters for a "cockle-doodle-doo!"

We took a hayride:

Posed on some hay:

Ran through a maze:

And played around on some farm equipment:

It was a great little trip--I highly recommend it. We were done in an hour, then went to an air-conditioned lunch!


Amberly said...

emma is looking super tall to me... when did that happen??

mistieleigh said...

Emma's hair is so long... she has all of a sudden turned into a little girl. So sweet.

Becca said...

Mistie beat me to it - but I was going to say Emma's hair really has gotten long. She's really looking grown up. Looks like a fun zoo day!

Naomi said...

How fun! I can't get over how long her hair is getting.