Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Like Father, Like Daughter

David comes from a fishing family, and he decided that it was time to begin passing down this tradition to his own children. We took a trip to the Bass Pro Shop in Mesquite and procured a pink Disney princess pole, and Emma and Dave embarked on their maiden fishing trip on June 12th. (I stayed home with Madeline, who was taking a nap. We feel it is in the best interest of Madeline's young life to keep her home from these fishing trips, as she has a tendency to drown herself when near any large body of water). Destination: the catch-and-release pond in the front of our subdivision. The trip was a success, with Emma catching three fish.

Notice the donut in Emma's hand. Donuts at the beginning of each expedition are a major part of the excitement. They have been twice so far, and Emma has learned to cast and reel in by herself. She can't wait to show Grandpoppy her skills!


Emily said...

oh,that looks so fun! What a great daddy daughter day.

The Silly Witch said...

When I was three years old, I caught three fish with a string tied to a stick that my uncle put together for me. My twelve year-old cousin was so jealous--he didn't catch anything with his store-bought pole. I bragged about those three fish for years, and I'll love my uncle forever for giving me that memory. I'm glad Dave's making fishing memories with Emma. She'll treasure them always, and maybe brag about them when she goes to kindergarten.

Becca said...

Very impressed. When she starts putting on the bait and taking the fish off the hook, I'll be kowtowing to her. I don't mind fishing but doing those two things sets me off.

Jenny said...

I THOUGHT she had chocolate all over her face!

Very cute. :)