Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Labor Day 2010

I have many more summer posts coming up (we really were busy between the 4th and Labor Day...too busy to blog I guess??), but I wanted to get back to posting things as they happen. Dave's busy work schedule slowed down (hooray for Dallas clients that actually take holidays!) and we took advantage of temperatures below 100* to go to the Dallas Zoo. They recently opened a new Giants of the Savanna exhibit that we though was really cool.

You could also pay a very marked up price for lettuce feed the giraffes:

Emma loved allof the statues:

We are excited to get back to the Zoo and use our membership again!


Josh and Kallie said...

This looks like fun! I love the zoo! Emma and Maddie are sooo sooo cute!

Oertel said...

Holy cow! Emma's hair is SO long! And they've both grown so much since I was there just a few months ago. How is that possible?! What are you feeding them?! ha.