Monday, March 22, 2010

Madeline: 10 Months+

Madeline has passed the 10 month mark and is doing great! She is getting closer to being a toddler everyday. She now has 4 teeth, 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom (with a cute little gap on top). She's also rocking some great "old man hair". The picture above shows its natural form. :)
Favorite foods: mandarin oranges, Nurtrigrain bars, any cereal, any cookies/crackers
Least favorite foods: pureed vegetables, especially green ones
Favorite activities/obsessions: Cruising, climbing, perusing the contents of the kitchen cupboards, attempting to break into the refrigerator
Least favorite activities: having nose wiped, eating dinner
Favorite book: _Peek-a-Boo!_ (lift the flaps), though she loves all books
Most common sounds: growling like a dinosaur (Emma calls her Maddie-saurus), high-pitched screeching
She is also gaining some weight. According to Wii Fit Plus, she weighs 15.6 pounds. Progress!
And, finally, a height picture. Notice her displeasure at my attempt to hold her still so I could take the picture!


erin said...

Reading about her favorite and least favorite things sounds like my 10 month old! I wish we lived closer so our girls could play!!! Madeline is such a cutie.

Jenny said...

I love:
1) That you weigh her on the Wii Fit (which is always telling us how we can weigh different items!);
2) Maddie-saurus
3) Her expression in this picture.

P.S. I think she's taller than me! :)

Maile said...

She looks so tall! And she's only a little more than 2 pounds heavier than Leila, who is only 5 months (almost)!