Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Madeline: 9 Months

Miss Madeline is now 9 (okay, almost 10) months old. Her latest stats:
Height: 27.5 inches (49%)
Weight: 13.7 pounds (0%)
Head: 16.3 inches (1%)
As predicted, this month Maddie fell below the charts in weight. This led to a little drama as the doctor, wanting to make sure he wasn't missing a problem, ordered some blood work. Poor Madeline's little arm is only an inch or two in circumference, and her veins so very small. We had to go back twice with a total of 5 pinpricks to get enough blood for all of the "failure to thrive" tests. The good news: there is no problem whatsoever! She is still growing, just at a slow rate. My personal theory is that she has Dave's crazy metabolism. I swear she eats more than Emma did when she was a baby.

We weren't ever really worried, mostly because of all of the things she's learning to do!
*Maddie pulls herself up and cruise along furniture.
*She has climbed the entire staircase! (Don't worry, I caught her when she was on the first step and followed her up the rest of the way. I wanted to see how far she could go. She has repeated the feat several times since, under close supervision).
*She is a litte chatterbox! Da, ba, and a lot of other sounds we don't understand.
*She loves "real" food and has become a bit of a beggar. Whenever anyone else is eating she will crawl over to them and pat her hand, squeak, and do whatever else in her power to get you to share with her. She particularly targets Emma.
*She is becoming quite adept at playing with all of her Christmas toys independently. Her favorites are her zoo and ball popper.
*She loves to clap and will clap for almost anything.
*We think she can sign "more," but it looks similar to clapping so we're not entirely sure. She does, however, have many different ways to express she wants more crackers.
*She has finally mastered technically correct crawling. She spent a long time crawling around on her stomach, which is almost as fast as all fours.
*She likes to sing, and it's a struggle for me to entertain her during Emma's music class because she wants to join the fun.
*She hates her shoes and socks and is constantly pulling them off.
*Maddie likes to scrounge around for leftovers on the kitchen floor. We don't need a dog! :)
*Madeline continues to be an easy, happy baby.


Emily said...

Madeline is such a doll!!! and according to her stats, she's the size of one too. ;) I know what you mean, we went through all that with Annie too...she's not on the charts at all (except for head circ..all the suds have big heads). Those blood tests are no fun...they took it right from her vein with Annie. Glad to hear she's healthy and just a skinny thing. She'll appreciate that later in life. :)

Lulu said...

What a cutie! That's so great to hear about all that she can do. And her personally it already starting to come forward. I love fairly easy babies! ;)

The Roberts' Report said...

There's my big girl!!! Who knew something so skinny could manuver so well!! I knew she would be fine. Can't help being skinny like her daddy!! HECK when she's 30 and wearing skinny jeans during her pregnancy we'll all hate her!!

Allie said...

She's so so cute! Thanks again for the playdate! :)

Katie Nielsen said...

She looks just like Dave while Emma is the spitting image of you!

Chiska said...

They grow so fast! What a cutie!

Naomi said...

Seriously, where has the time gone? I can't believe how much she has grown. Cute pics!