Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Emma and I have had some good conversations today.

E (wearing a plastic, blow-up hook on her hand, that was once a kid's meal toy): Aaargh!
Me: Ahoy, matey!
E: No! You're not a pirate. I'm a pirate! You be scared. Aaaargh!
Me: Oh, no, a pirate! I better run away!

--- --- ---

E (toting plastic scissors from a doctor's kit): Can I cut your hair?
M: NOOOOO! We NEVER even pretend to cut hair. NO CUTTING HAIR. Not even with plastic scissors.
E: What can I cut?
M: Umm, paper?
E (thinking, then exclaims): I can cut coupons for Kroger!


The Silly Witch said...

Sounds like you are raising her right. My kids have never even heard of coupon cutting.

Wendy said...

The things they pick up at such a young age! Molly loves to cut coupons- for about 10 minutes- then leaves a nice, big mess for me to clean up.

Maile said...

I have definitely had a similar conversation about what scissors are (and are not) used for...but you've obviously been setting a better example of coupon cutting!

Sarah H said...

That was great. Her second quote made me laugh out loud. Adorable.

Jenny said...

Those are just too cute!!