Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Birthday with Mr. Chuck E. Cheese

Yesterday was our friend Ben's birthday:

We benefitted because we were able to join them at Chuck E. Cheese for dinner. A friend of mine compares it to the seventh circle of hell, but on a random Tuesday night it was actually a lot of fun. The pizza wasn't even as bad as I remembered it. And they had Cherry Coke! But most of all Emma had fun.


Emily said...

Ya, Chuck E. Cheese can be pretty scary. They must have all the same things at every one because the rides look exactly like the ones at our C.C.

Kallee said...

Emma is looking so grown up these days. When did her hair get so long? ... Chuck E. Cheese is more like the sixth circle of hell. The public health department (i.e., standing in line while screaming kids get flu shots) is a little worse.

Katie Nielsen said...

So, this is gross but I'm totally a fan of Chuck E. Cheese's salad bar. Everything else...hellish!