Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Madeline: 8 months

Once again, this post is late, for several reasons. One, I was waiting for Madeline's nose to stop running before I took pictures. I keep thinking that any day now a new tooth is going to show up (hence the nose running--she has no other cold symptoms), but not yet. Two, after I took these pictures I lost the camera for a few days. So now she's closer to 9 months, but I didn't want to pass up posting completely. Madeline is so fun right now--this is one of my favorite ages. She is such a busy girl. I thought I'd share some things about her personality:
--Cereal, especially in puffed form.
--Sophie the giraffe.
--Most fruits, in pureed form.

--Vegetables in all forms, especially green ones.
--Having her nose blown.
--Drinking from a cup (though she can do it just fine).

--Dumping out baskets of books, toys, DVDs, etc.
--Crawling around the kitchen in search of stray Cheerios.
--Chewing on books.
--Ripping up any paper she can find.

She is getting tall, but I think she'll be off the charts in weight at her next appointment.


Jen said...

Maddie is so cute! Sadly, Owen's Sophie got lost at church (though he never did have much use for her--he prefers electronics, much to my dismay). Owen also loves ripping up paper and then carrying it around with him when he crawls (scooches).

I am going to email you! Soon!

Laura said...

Off the charts in weight? Honey, you don't know off the charts until you nibble on Asher's thighs.

(Look what proud Mama we all are!)

Laura said...

and that's Mamas with an s. As to indicate more than one Mama. Three to be exact.

Sara said...

CUTE!!! I just love the pic idea with the bear!!!!

aubrey said...

Off the charts as in fallen off of the bottom of the graph? That's us too...