Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 2: Decorating for Christmas

We had kind of a crazy Thanksgiving weekend (more on that later), so we busted out the Christmas decorations today. We lit a pine-scented candle and popped in the best Christmas album ever. Emma took command of the Fisher Price Nativity:

She also took charge of the stuffed animals:

And tried her hand at photography:

I took care of the rest:

As for Maddie, she mostly crawled around and ate stuff. She was particularly excited about the new additions on the floor.


The Silly Witch said...

Dave was at my house tonight for a few minutes. He's a hard worker, Jess, and I'm sure he'll be glad to come home to a house full of beautiful Christmas decorations.

The Silly Witch said...

Oh and I love your pick for best Christmas album ever. You reminded me that we have it around here somewhere. We've listened to it across the country driving home for Christmas, and in July when Christmas was way too far away.

DC Diva said...

We have the same nativity set -- love it!

Laura said...

I love, love, love your blue wall and red stockings.

Fashionista you.

Emily said...

what cute girls!! I need to track down our little people nativity. I forgot about it until I saw yours.