Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 12: Attend Church Christmas Party

On Saturday, we attended our church Christmas party. There was caroling, dinner, and a lovely program, but I only got a picture of the girls with Santa. Emma has gotten over her fears and has the interaction down pat.


Kallee said...

Adorable. You are definitely blessed with amiable children.

Emily said...

So fun to sit on Santa's lap. I remember that about ward Christmas parties. Wish our ward did something like that....but you know our ward...it's "unique". ;)

The Roberts' Report said...

*shmush* totally cute pics. I can't believe Madi isn't screaming. Keira's DID NOT like Santa. But I'm not surprise. My kids rarely do until their older.
So can we join your ward? Ours SUCKS!! Seriously the christmas party...totally ugh! No tablecloths. No decorations. One lame program that Larry suggested and put together because he heard there wasn't going to be anything! NICE!