Monday, August 10, 2009

Madeline: 3 Months

While we were in vacation in California, Maddie turned 3 months old. Of course, we had to wait until we were home with our props to do a photo shoot.

She is definitely NOT a newborn anymore. Here is a snapshot of Madeline at 3 months:
--She has become quite the smiley girl. She smiles most often at me, Mom (after all, I am her food source). Second most often she smiles at her big sister.
--Madeline will snuggle when she's tired, but for the most part she hates facing towards me when she's being held. She loves facing forward and looking at the world. We recently switched her to forward facing in the baby Bjorn carrier, and she is so busy looking at things I don't hear a peep from her.
--She will have an entire conversation (in "coos") with you when you get close and look into her eyes.
--Madeline learned how to deliberately find her fingers, which she often uses as a replacement for the pacifier.
--Maddie loves playing with her toys. She will often grab the toys that hang above her on her little gym and pull them to her mouth so she can lick them.
--She has started laughing. She especially likes the Miss Maddie song.
--She is getting really good at tummy time and is often enjoying it well past the timer that I set.
--Madeline has proven to be an excellent traveler. She sleeps almost the entire flight on planes, and is happy being lugged around San Fransisco (evidence of this to come soon).
--Like the other girls in our family, Madeline is a fan of books--especially when Emma shares them with her.


Suman Family said...

she is so cute and getting so big! i can't believe how fast babies change. thanks for the reminder to hold my newborn more :)

The Roberts' Report said...

I'm lovin' the faux hawk! Nice!! ;) Just wait. At 6 months, she'll be wrestling the bear!!

Sarah H said...

Wow, big changes from last month. I can't believe it and yet, I'm sure people say the same about mine.

The Silly Witch said...

She's a beauty. I love hearing about her tricks.

Brittany said...

holy cow she already looks so different!

Brittany said...
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Emily said...

Oh my goodness...she is so stinkin' cute!!!

Jenny said...

That mohawk is too cute! As is she!

Chiska said...

I love your documenting props! What a cutie.

mistieleigh said...

She is getting so big! Love the mohawk. And i cant believe she is already rolling over! Craziness. I bet Emma is loving her lil sis?!!
What cute girls you have!