Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'...

Two weeks ago (on August 11th, when she was approximately 3 1/2 months old), Madeline rolled over for the first time. I caught the second time on video:

(Excuse the fly. It is summer in Texas, after all.) Since then Maddie has become a rollin' queen. Which is both good and bad. She used to play contentedly on her gym mat, swatting at the rattles hanging above her. Now she spends most of her time rolling over! Sometimes she still gets her arms stuck and gets upset, but more and more she is enjoying being on her tummy. The other morning she even managed to roll over in her crib while still fully swaddled. Here is another video, taken today, of her improved skill:


The Silly Witch said...

Brilliant!!! She looks very long. Has it really been 4 months? Time flies. I don't think we're coming to Dallas for the BYU game. Nick's going, but he's riding his motorcycle, weather permitting. After you asked me I thought perhaps I should go just to visit YOU. It's been too long.

Lulu said...

Yeah! What a big girl. She's so adorable!
I think that fly was doing a bit of encouragement for Maddy too!
It made me laugh whenever it would get near face and she would rub her face!
So cute.
Glad to see that ya'll are doing good.