Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Zoo Crew

Our membership to the Bronx Zoo expires next week, so we thought we'd plan one last trip. We invited our friends Maile, Kaia, and Asher to go with us. The weather was perfect and so was the company--in the last few weeks that she's been in nursery at Church, Emma has really become attached to Asher, who is also in the class. It was so fun to watch them chase each other. If Emma tried to run away, I could get her to come back by telling her to follow Asher, or Asher would follow Emma. We were at the zoo only a month ago, but Emma has gotten much better at spotting the animals.

Look Mom, it's a tapir!

Lookin' cool when it's hot.

Wait for me! Emma chases Asher, who chases Kaia.

Who needs animals?

Emma likes all kinds of doggies, even prairie dogs...

This one's for Kaia, who wanted me to take a picture of the pigs.

You know it was a fun day when it ends like this!


The Silly Witch said...

She is so BIG. And so cute.

Maile said...

We had SUCH a great time. Thanks again for inviting us!

Naomi said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Wish we could have gone but it was Ethan's last day of school. Love that Asher and Emma have taken to each other. They are soooo cute. Oh, and I love it when it's been a hard day of play and my kids completely zonk at the end of it. Looks like Emma was sure tuckered out.

The Roberts' Report said...

Ain't the zoo the best!! A great learning tool. I'm totally inspired to go more! It's been forever for us. Hey maybe we can all get passes to the Dallas Zoon when you guys move here!! ;)

Oh any good news about the condo selling??