Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This Girl Needs a Backyard

One of Emma's favorite things about visiting her Grandma and Grandpa was their backyard. We spend several afternoons just hanging out in the driveway and watching Emma play. She loved the Little Tykes car (a relic of yesteryear, though I never had one--it belonged to one of the spoiled younger siblings) and chasing Tyler. She would copy him no matter what he did. (Sorry for the photo overload--feel free to skip if you're not a blood relative :).



Maile said...

This was so not photo overload - just the perfect number, and all of them adorable. I love how Emma was so friendly with the dog! Can you imagine how much easier life would be with a backyard? Well, I guess you probably can since you so recently had one at your use. =)

Jenny said...

Too cute Jess! And definitely not overload! I love her pigails. :)

erin said...

I absolutely LOVE the pigtails!!! And Brianna has watched the movie about 5 times now...we especially like how she says "hi" at the end! Thanks for sharing! Glad to see you're blogging again!

Rhonda said...

Are you kidding? NEVER enough pics of that sweet little girl.

We miss you all.

John, Lisa & Mia said...

How fun you were able to get a break and go play! Keep the pics coming :) Oh and I have to tell you that Emma rubbed off on Mia... sure enough Mia can't say her own name just once, it always comes out in a pair, "Mia! Mia!" Haha. We miss you guys!