Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Five Years!

Today Dave and I have been married for five years. It sounds like a really long time--and I guess it kind of is. We've had quite a ride. In our first week together we graduated, went to Disney World, and moved across the country. We have lived in DC, New York, and New Jersey, and even managed to have our marriage thrive in 300 square feet and a full-size bed--Dave has the scars to prove it (so I'm not the calmest sleeper...). A few months ago we were asked to speak in church about adversity and we both had a difficult time because we feel we've been quite blessed. In honor of the anniversary, here are some lists:

5 Things I love about Dave:

1. He never fails to show affection, even on a bad day.
2. He's not afraid to be silly and fun.
3. He takes his role as father and provider for the family seriously.
4. He cleans the bathroom! and helps around the house a lot.
5. He frequently calls and/or emails throughout the day just to say hi.

5 Memorable Things We've Done in the Past 5 Years:

1. Went to Disney World--twice. It's really fun as an adult, especially when you have a built-in ride partner. :)
2. Visited London together, where we both went study abroad (separately). It was nice to share our favorite places together, because London has been a significant part of our lives.
3. We brought Emma home from the hospital in 2 hours of solid New York traffic. We actually got hit (okay, tapped) from behind trying to get through the Lincoln Tunnel. Dave continues to be extremely nervous when he drives with Emma in the car.
4. Ordered a pizza at 10 pm on our first anniversary, because it was finals week for both of us at Columbia and I had a night class.
5. I learned how to cook on an ancient, tiny oven which looked like it came from 1950s Korea. I burned everything for the first few months, but finally figured out how to adjust cookings times and have actually become a decent cook. Dave ate most everything along the way with no complaints. He also has become quite the cook on the grill.

5 Goals for the Next 5 Years:

1. Take more pictures together so in the next post about us I won't have to post one that is 2 years old (the one above is from my brother's wedding in September 2005).
2. Siblings for Emma.
3. Get a house!
4. Reestablish a date night even with a kid and late nights at work.
5. Finally scrapbook our wedding pictures. :)

Incidentally, tonight is Emma's first try with a baby sitter, so cross your fingers that she sleeps!


Sarah said...

YAY!!! I'm so happy for you. Congratulations! You guys are the best. Five years is crazy. Where does the time go? I hope all goes well with the babysitter. Have fun.

Amberly said...

Congrats! You two are a super fit, Emma is one lucky lady! Little Emma, do not choose tonight to be a little stinker. Your parents deserve a little alone time, they've given you six months you know!

The Silly Witch said...

Your goals are noble, everyone! Reading this I'm just reminded how blessed I am to have you as my friend. I hope Emma did great with the babysitter and I hope you had a great anniversary. Love you guys!

Jenny said...

Congratulations on the milestone Jess!

Josh and I just went to DisneyWorld together - it definitely is fun as an adult.

I'm happy you are so happy. :)