Friday, May 4, 2007

Emma Tricks #1

I've been a little behind on reporting Emma's latest tricks, so today I'm beginning a short series of posts on what she's been up to lately. (Also, a certain aunt and uncle have been begging for more pictures).
For the last month, Emma has been doing push-ups. Yes, push-ups, and she can definitely do more than I can. She rolls to her tummy and pushes her arms as straight as they can go. She can stay up there for a minute or two, but if you are playing with her, she gets distracted and laughs and falls down. It is adorable, of course. She no longer seems to care that much about rolling over and is aspiring to crawling, or at least scooting around. She has become the poster child for tummy time, as long as she can roll over and get there by herself.

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