Saturday, May 5, 2007

Emma Tricks #2

Emma has been sitting with support for at least a month, but this past week she learned how to sit on her own! Dave tried it last Saturday and she could only sit for a few seconds, but we have been practicing every day and now she can sit for several minutes at a time. She even stayed sitting yesterday after she started crying--she had been sitting for a long time and I wanted to see how long she could go, but she was too sad. She still falls every now and then, but has learned to land on her hands and tummy. If only my abs were as strong as Emma's!
PS. As a bonus, the second picture provides an excellent view of the mohawk, which is getting quite wispy these days.


The Silly Witch said...

She's completely adorable. I love it --"the poster child for tummy time." If you're not baby-proofed yet, now is the time.

Jenny said...

All of those tricks are so cute! And I love the mohawk.