Tuesday, June 24, 2014

April 2013: Disney World! Day 1

So, Mumma died 5 days before a previously planned vacation to Disney World in Orlando. We shuffled a couple of flights and flew from Chicago to Florida on Sunday, April 21st. (Talk about an emotional roller coaster! From a funeral to the happiest place on earth in a few hours). That evening we met up with Grandpoppy, who happened to be at Disney for a cardiology conference. Since we arrived pretty late in the afternoon, we skipped the parks and went to Downtown Disney for dinner.

I can't remember what we had for dinner,but we had dessert at Ghirardelli, where I ate my feelings. They were certainly more delicious in ice cream form.

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Shelly said...

Oh so fun!!! I need to take notes, it looks like you know all the fun places to go and eat and do!