Monday, July 8, 2013

Advent 2012: Christmas Parade

We just love the annual Christmas parade, and the weather this year was amazing! It was so pleasant to sit outside and watch the floats and wave at our friends who were in the parade.

Eating donuts and waiting for the parade! Notice the warm-weather clothes on December 1st.

Here it comes!

One of our favorite babysitters, Brittania, is the drum major in the RHS band. 

Our friend Audrey

These girls love Elmo! (PS. Next to us, in the red polka dots, is our friend Chloe)

They love Chick-fil-A too. 

Another favorite babysitter, Mackenzie, is holding the candy cane to the left of the sign. 

My friend made this duck costume!

Santa at the end!

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