Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Easter 2012

The Easter bunny found our house and left some treats! The kids woke up to this:
You may notice a theme: Disney! We had been keeping our upcoming Disney trip a surprise, but we kept slipping and mentioning it in front of the kids. Luckily they never noticed, but we decided to tell them anyway. I carefully curated what I put in their Easter baskets, and they still didn't notice! Not quite the effect I was going for...
 Yeah, they didn't get it. But they still loved digging through their baskets.

 Later we tried to get pictures in their Easter finery. This was the best we got.
 Most of the pictures looked something like this...
 Then we tried outdoors, but Andrew tried to crawl away.

 Success! Mostly. Except for Maddie's creepy smile. Hey girls, give Andrew a hug, let's see how he likes that...

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