Thursday, May 3, 2012

Andrew: 8 Months

Diapers: size 3
Clothes: size 6-12 months

--baby puffs
--feeding himself

--Sitting up by himself
--Pushing himself to sitting
--Feeding himself {pincer grasp}
--using the sippy cup
--Valentine's day

Personality Notes:
--Andrew is still an easy, happy baby. He is the family favorite.
--It took him FOREVER to sit up on his own. But the change was sudden. One day he would flop over, and the next day he could sit up for ten minutes.
--About a week after he learned to sit up all by himself, he learned to push himself up to sitting.
--One day in Church, before he could even support himself sitting, Andrew reached into my hand, picked up a Cheerio, and put it in his mouth. I was astonished. Perhaps no one told him that gross motor skills are supposed to develop first; he was too busy working on his fine motor skills so he could eat! Such a boy.