Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 4th Parade

Ever since we went last year, Emma and Madeline have been eager to be in our town's 4th of July parade, when they saw other kids ride their bikes and walk their dogs. Bikes were a big part of this dream, though neither of the girls is quite proficient enough to ride for a mile or two that is the parade route. So we opted this year to push Maddie in her Cozy Coupe, with Emma walking beside. The only downside was that the parade was held on Saturday (the SECOND of July), right around the time we had to pick Grandma up from the airport. But Dave agreed to take the girls. They dressed up in their most patriotic attire:

At the parade gathering point, they found some friends:

Maddie made sure to practice her flag-waving skills:

And then they were off and marching:

In a fortuitous turn of events, Grandma and I made it back from the airport just in time to see the marchers turn the final corner by the courthouse:

We are already practicing riding our bikes in anticipation of next year!


Jenny said...

Too cute!

T & E's Blog said...

That was so much fun!!! I'm so glad that we got to do that with your fam!